Tuesday, 15 February 2011

this is not what i call hot horse on horse action

A child is born! I mean a horse. I mean a superfoal! I mean Unnamed out of Zarkava by Sea The Stars is born.

Unnamed's parents are wizard racehorses. The Aga Khan, who owns Zarkava, said, 'I believe the two Arc winners were made for each other. The best needs to be bred to the best.' Leaving aside the dodgy politics of this,* the AK is hardly a neutral observer, since he paid £71,000 for Sea The Stars's services, which only last a few minutes. The AK also 'believes the pair are similar in ability, temperament and conformation.' It's the conformation which is the key. I only breed with people who are similar to me in conformation.

The BBC says there is no guarantee the foal will be as good as its parents. Do they know nothing about genetics? It is guaranteed to have the best traits of both. That is what 'dominant trait' means. It's just common sense.

* The politics of this are not dodgy, these are horses.

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