Friday, 25 February 2011

newt news

From WOTN (below). A team of German fighting salamanders has just been practising for war with Britain and blown up a huge chunk of coastline*:
Wolf Meynert Writes His Masterpiece
Perhaps it was those gorgeous and tragic sunsets which inspired the Koenigsberg philosopher, Wolf Meynert, in his solitary retreat to write his monumental work, Untergang der Menschheit (The Decline of Humanity). We can picture him vividly as he wanders along the seashore, bare-headed and coat-tails flying, gazing with rapturous eyes of that flood of fire and blood illuminating more than half of the sky. "Yes," he whispers in ecstasy. "Yes, the time has really come to write the epilogue to the history of mankind!" And he wrote it.

* I worry that this sounds fey, whimsical, slight or glumly portentous. It is none of these things. It is great.

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