Thursday, 17 February 2011


Gennaro Gattuso, an Italian footballer, headbutted Joe Jordan, an English coach. Guardian Sport reports:
Gattuso's agent alleged on an Italian radio station yesterday that his client had been called a "fucking Italian bastard" by Jordan. Claudio Pasqualin said: "For someone like Rino, who has a strong sense of belonging to Italy, I think this is the most cowardly and unspeakable of insults."
Really? I'm not saying it's a nice thing to say, but this is:

A) (Uninteresting) mealy-mouthed
B) (Interesting) more evidence that footballers and other sportsmen, living in a (sort-of) extra-legal bubble, have retreated into a crazy and touchy code of 'honour', as per mediaeval knights. I haven't got time to expound on this, but you know in your heart that I'm onto something. Maybe lots of other people are onto it. They usually are. I just don't know who they are


jondrytay said...

I'd like to see you call Joe Jordan English to his face.

Robert Hudson said...

He's one of my regular readers. I'm just bantering with him. I love that guy.