Monday, 17 January 2011

whither bivin?

I have recently gained access to this book (in English). What I have learned is that some time before there was really a Capetian dynasty, there was Bivin, who was born and died but Wenzler is unsure when.

Wikipedia is sure when. Wikipedia says he was not just any old Bivin, but Bivin of Gorze, who lived from 810-863. His children included Richildis, who married King Charles the Bald of France (which is where the whole Capetian thing eventually comes from, I suppose); Boso, later King of Provence, who had excellent relations with the papacy; Richard the Justiciar, Duke of Burgundy; and possibly Bivin of Metz. I bet the last is a red herring. You probably couldn't move for Bivins.

Boso was the forefather of the Bosonids.

I will, in future, be investigating this extract from Wenzler's book: "Charles I the Great* - or Charlemagne (742-814) Wives: Himiltrude, Desirade, Hildegarde, Fastrade, Liutgarde, Madelgarde, Gerswinde, Regina, Adelinde."

(Charlemagne's parents were Pepin the Short and Bertha Big Foot. You know that, right?)

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