Tuesday, 4 January 2011

don't panic, don't panic

It's been a while since I wrote anything about the NFL. As you rightly assume, this is mainly an excuse to write about funny names. There is a proud tradition of aspirational names in the African-American community that produced the Kansas City great Priest Holmes and the less great but not bad Lawyer Milloy. The one I am loving at the moment is Carolina's Cornerback, Captain Munnerlyn. I think it's partly funny because I can't help thinking Captain Mainwaring when I hear it. Captain Munnerlyn's father was murdered when he was a kid, and both of his brothers sold drugs. When asked about his name, he said all his family had crazy names. His oldest brother is called Timothy. I suppose when everyone else is DeSean and LeGarette, Timothy can sound a bit odd.

Other news: Arian Foster was undrafted last year, and won the rushing title this year. He was a philosophy major and did pretty well at it. And this is the sort of corny story I love. Morgan Cox is the Baltimore Ravens' long-snapper, who is a guy who basically just chucks the ball between his legs when they need to kick it and that's all. Not quite all, obviously, but nearly all. He got mashed in a pile-up and is going to need a lot of surgery. But he carried on playing because he was the only long-snapper. Next time he was up, his massive team-mate Mike Oher (main guy in The Blind Side) hissed at the oppo that they were to leave the snapper.

After the snap, Cox was left alone, then he started to fall, and he braced himself for more agonising leg stuff. He felt a big hand, and he assumed it was a teammate, but it was Shaun Rogers, who was on the oppo and had also been part of the pile-up and knew Cox was graunched.

I am going to post this video one more time. I say one more. I am going to post it until I am absolutely certain everyone who has ever visited my site has watched it.

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