Saturday, 22 January 2011

Dan Bell, BBC

I'm hoping Dan Bell Googles himself and comes here, because I've just read his piece on Amanda Knox, who is in prison for murdering Meredith Kercher. Almost all pieces on this have researched it, basically, on Google. Almost none have any kind of understanding of how the Italian system can utterly screw something like this up.

If Dan Bell has read The Monster of Florence by Douglas Preston, which is a horrifying description of a comic opera murder investigation led by the same guy who's led the case against Knox, I would be shocked. I have not met anyone who has read the book who had any sense of how police investigations might take place in Italy. Everyone I know who has read it, many of whom went in sceptical, came out utterly convinced of Knox's innocence.

(This is not me asking you to persuade me that there might be two sides to the story. Unless you have read the book. I am totally willing to listen to counter-arguments form people who have, but I've never heard any. Until you have, or unless you can convince me you know what you are talking about for some reason, I'm not interested in your view. Everyone who has done so when I have raised this before has had no idea of the lies and crackpot evidence manipulation possible in these cases in Italy, and has produced an argument which comes down to 'no smoke without fire'. The fire has been lit, fanned and photographed by the police. It really makes me angry. You probably can't tell.)

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