Wednesday, 12 January 2011

careful of the shark

I just posted a link to the below on Twitter (you can see why erosion might work). Someone (@midwifesarahlh, thank you) came back at me with a report including the line, re a town counciller in Ipswich, just near Brisbane: 'He has also warned Ipswich residents to stay out of floodwaters after a bull shark was spotted in the main street of Goodna.'* I wouldn't need warning twice.

* I'm not being flippant, but 'Goodna' sounds like a sort of echt-Australian joke. 'What do we need a name for our suburb for? It's good'n'u' without one. Wait, that'll do mate, if we have to name it: Goodna.'

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Julie said...

Hi Robbie - Goodna was once infamous for its mental hospital. when I was young(er) and living in Queensland my aunts and uncles would always make references like "must've come straight from Goodna" when referring to somebody they thought a bit mad...there's a great radio documentary about it here