Thursday, 13 January 2011

all the right moves

I'd very slightly heard of this film, and only watched it because I love high school sports movies. Even then, I held out little hope.

I don't really do reviews, but I was really impressed by the fact it was a morally grown-up film about trying to get out of a dying steel town, and how people get trapped, and so on. Tom Cruise is good. Lea Thompson is good and really cute. I wondered what had become of her, since I half-recognised her. In a political act, this picture is of her as a very attractive woman, rather than the very attractive girl she was in the movie.

She's the sexy mum in Back to the Future. She was also Caroline in the City, which I watched an episode of a long time ago, but couldn't really tell you what it's about. She was also in AIDS romcom Casual Sex?, which sounds conceivably as if it might have been as politically ambitious as All The Right Moves, but might have been dreadful, and a film called The Wizard of Loneliness, based on the book of the same name. The first line of which reads: JOHN T. sat easy on his motorcycle, and he wondered if his nephew, soon to arrive on the afternoon train, was really as big a pain in the neck as certain relatives had painted him up to be.

Cal Poly features in All The Right Moves. Among Cal Poly's alumni is Donald Turnupseed, who was driving the car which hit James Dean's. Another is Dean Karnazes, who once ran fifty marathons in fifty states in fifty days.

Anyway, All The Right Moves. Like I say, I don't do reviews, but it's not very different from The Last Picture Show in theme. It's less pretty, and elegiac, if that's what you want, but I think it's as good psychologically, especially about teenagers in a dying town. I really would love to know what happened to the characters. I wish it had been successful enough for a nostalgic sequel to be being made right around about now.

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