Monday, 13 December 2010


It is cold, and I have a cold. Coincidence? Or conspiracy! Etc.

On the upside, though the commissioning process was eccentric and details remain unclear, I might have a song on Loose Ends sometime upcoming (fear not, regulars, I did not write the music - that was the excellent Philip Pope); and I more or less know what to say at tomorrow night's Literary Death Match.* More or less.

And if you think that's good news, then you'll love this week's match report, which features the name of a real person that I heard for the first time last night. The name is well worth the click.

* Regulars (again) will be surprised to see me described as the Santa Claus of Kilburn. I don't know why they'll be surprised, because I am. I've only ever heard one person described as that and it was me, on this site. I am the Santa Claus of Kilburn.

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Anonymous said...

My cat's vet is called Beresford Capps. Not particularly funny, but I find it wonderful.

A leaflet was shoved through my door earlier this year for a Professor Ousman. Nothing so remarkable about the name, but when matched with his trade - "international marabout" - I find this rather irresistable as well.