Wednesday, 10 November 2010

not all croatians are bad people

This one didn't get the memo, though. At least one memo. He's called Vlatko Markovic, and he's the head of the Croatian Football Federation. He's just told a Croatian daily paper:
While I'm a president of the Croatian Football Federation, there will be no homosexuals playing in the national team
Even by the bottom-feeding standards of the people running major sports organisations, this is astonishing stuff. Surely even FIFA have to do something about it. Markovic added 'Luckily, only normal people play football'. Apparently, says the BBC's Caroline Cheese, 'normal' is a mistranslation. It should be 'healthy'. Much better.

For what it's worth, I think Croatia shouldn't be allowed to play international football until they prove that they have a gay player.


Claire said...

Shocking stuff.I would love to see other international teams boycotting any matches with Croatia.

Piques said...

I am not sure why I find it so amusing, but the 3rd most popular story is that a Croatian village as ladybirds. If you are going to fret about a bug, ladybirds surely are not the first that come to mind.

The second most popular story is about a glamour model / part time nurse who rejected when she applied for the police force. Just how many fantasy categories is she looking to tick? Sexy nurse (tick), nude model (tick), Cop with hand cuffs ...
I am really hoping she paid for nursing school by working as a french maid. If she had been a Catholic school girl it would round it all out rather nicely.