Thursday, 25 November 2010

happy thanksgiving

A thing that keeps cropping up in articles about Thanksgiving, a thing that is clearly a joke Americans get, is turducken. I didn't know what it was, and now I do. It's deboned chicken in deboned duck in deboned turkey. It looks like this.

It's cultural place is partly to do with the NFL, to my joy. John Madden, legendary coach and analyst, chuntered on about it a lot on air during the traditional Detroit Lions Thanksgiving game (like having the Premier League's annual Boxing Day fixture always featuring West Ham). Basically, it looks like it didn't used to be much of a thing, then it became a joke thing the way good jokes become things (like the deep fried Mars Bar). I don't know how much of a real thing it is. You probably haven't noticed but one of the funny things about it is it contains the word 'turd'.

Whatever, I bet it tastes good.


Kathy said...

Hello from the USA. I've heard about turducken but have never actually seen it or known anyone who has eaten it. My impression was that it's a Thanksgiving take-off on some of the ridiculous Taco Bell or KFC fast food creations. SNL did a parody a few years ago:

Oh and speaking of the Mars Bar, some people have deep fried turkey, too.

Anonymous said...

Robbie, you really should pay more attention:

E xx

Bethany said...

They have it on the Sunday lunch menu at The Paradise in Kensal Green.