Monday, 18 October 2010

a modest question

Has a pizza delivery company ever employed anyone who has passed their moped test?


Claire said...

An ex boyfriend of mine once sent a surprise pizza to my house .This was a "thinking of you" kind of thing because the day before some junkies had broken in and taken my computer and housemate's mac book and camera.We were paranoid that they would come back .
So, at about 11 the following night there was a loud frantic knock at the door.We both lept up ran to kitchen and each grabbed a chef's knives which my friend had "borrowed" from work.We could see this huge looming dark figure through the glass in the door.We stood there silently until the caller started saying "Claire Claire Claire".Not recognising the voice I immediately thought one of the junkies had returned.So I promptly ran to the door and screamed through the letter box.IF YOU DON'T FUCK OFF RIGHT NOW I'M GOING TO SLICE THE FACE OFF YA.To which the voice replied.

Jesus Christ girl it's only a Hawiian

Robert Hudson said...

But had he passed his moped test?

Amy~Francesca said...

I saw one pizza delivery boy attempting to drive a moped down the road the other day. Luckily it was night as he was weaving all over the place. Then he fell off into a bush. Definately brightened up my evening ;P