Wednesday, 1 September 2010

me, me, me

I was on today's episode of Fry's English Delight talking about a robot reading The Kilburn Social Club. It's a good show. For the record: it doesn't mention that the robot was surprisingly good in allocating most of the story to relationships and only a smaller amount to football; and while I do describe a grim bit of Kilburn in downbeat terms, the cutting room floor has me explaining at length how much I love Kilburn and how the grim and defeated look of the residents at the time of speaking was down to the bleakness and rain of the day in question.

I am reading Kapitoil. I'm a third of the way through. It's terrific.* Leaving which aside, isn't that a great cover?

* Usual disclaimer - I got a copy via my agent, who also represents Teddy Wayne, but when I got it, I was ironically on the verge of buying it, so I don't feel very compromised.


Claire said...

Odd that you should mention getting the book from your agent because I was thinking about a similar situation today.
Amazon recommended your own book to me The Kilburn Social Club so I bought it.Anyway it arrived this morning and I noticed that I had actually bought it from World Of Books who sell books on behalf of charity.My copy is second hand.A good thing in my opinion as it provided a donation to a charity and saved on paper (go green me).This led me to think about second hand books and the writers of the books. As a reader I'm sure you appreciate the real value of second hand books but as a writer,I mean,jesus it's a bit of an aul mean bitch ( money wise) isn't it? So, sorry about that.I promise when your next book is published I'll buy a spanky shiny fresh one,maybe even the hardback edition.

ps.Bloody loving it so far,especially the sentient footballs.
Also,a writer probably appreciates secondhand books too so not really sure I was making any point at all.

Oh yeah I knew there was another thing.Have you ever been to Kinsale ?It's about 20 minutes from my home.If you've never visited,I highly recommend the Cork coast for a holiday.The beach at Garretstown (just outside Kinsale) is glorious.You can get the nicest pizza and spicy wedges in Ireland there.An Italian guy sells them out of a mobile chipper van thing.

Robert Hudson said...

Thank you very much!

And you're right - I am in position to complain about second-hand book readers. I get a lot from Abebooks and Amazon's second-hands, and I browse second-hand shops too. It's where I've found a lot of my favourites.

And no, I've never been to Kinsale. I picked it for the sound of the name. Brilliant to have a reader who knows it!