Friday, 27 August 2010

luxury player was a thing of rare beauty

Everyone loves poetry. This is a fact.*

I don't know what I think about the trend for adverts to be written as unbelievably smug short poems. Often these are relatively skilfully done, and not hateful poetically (the poems most people love have good solid rhythms and rhymes, and I love them too, and if you don't like Kipling, you've most likely never really read him or are a knee-jerk idiot who needs to get over yourself**). But they are smug. In. Credibly. Smug. And smugness is annoying.***

* It is not a fact.
** I do not deny that some sensible people who have concentrated on Kipling don't like him, but I've met very few of them.****
*** See this blog passim.
**** I'm not sure I have ever spoken with one, actually, but I am totally sure they exist and I've no problem with that. I am not a total moron.


Marie said...

Can you give some examples? I don't watch (or possibly listen to, or read) adverts.

Sleepy Head said...

The poems in the BT adverts are crap for exactly 3 reasons:

1) They're about football;

2) They presume that poetry has to rhyme
At the end of every line
And form a kind of doggerel
You'd hesistate to read to a child in case it permanently damaged their minds.

Surely football fans aren't so dim they have to hear pre-school children's verse in order to buy a TV channel?

3) They're about football;

4) They're selling something offered by BT.