Tuesday, 3 August 2010

born on monday

Where does the name Solomon Grundy come from? I didn't know and had never thought about it, but it literally has to come from the late nineteenth century operetta-writing team Solomon and Grundy. This is Sydney Grundy. They wrote Popsy Wopsy (a musical absurdity), The Vicar of Bray and Pocahontas. Grundy then teamed up with Arthur Sullivan for the more famous Haddon Hall. Solo works included Mammon, Mamma (did people get those two confused?) and The Glass of Fashion. (Mamma was an adaptation of Les Surprises du Divorce).

Did you know that Solomon Grundy, as well as featuring in the poem, was a DC Comics villain who fought Superman and the Green Lantern? He looked like this. He was sort of a zombie, but it was more complicated than that (most narratives from serial popular culture, when written out, are pretty crackers. I've got a couple of posts up my sleeve on this subject. Anyway, this is Solomon Grundy, born Cyrus Gold, and a wealthy merchant until he got incorporated with bits of swamp.

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