Tuesday, 27 July 2010

toy story 3

**Housekeeping: I don't do spoilers, but this post describes what I thought of the film. This could affect your enjoyment of it, though it probably won't.**

I loved Toy Story and Toy Story 2. I came out of the first one thinking that this movie should win the Oscar for best script and wouldn't. Both films were extremely funny. There were some good comic bits in Toy Story 3, but I didn't laugh consistently. One of the cast members has said:
Having done the second one I knew the third one would be even better, because the writing kept getting better and I think we were deeper into our characters.
Well, quite. The movie seemed weighted down with a sense of Importance and Theme, with the idea that somehow the franchise had moved past Comedy and into Meaning. Nuts to that. Great comedy's really hard to do, much harder than heartstringtugging if the history of movies is any guide, and if you do the comedy right, you make something that is not just harder to make, but better, and more affecting. I cared more about the characters in TS2 than in TS3, and Wall-E and Up were both both hilarious and moving. I know other people think differently, but for me, TS3 was a bit nothingy.

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Mia said...

I agree. A good laugh is better than a good cry any day.

A writer has to work much harder to elicit laughter than to evoke tears from a reader. Therefore, I think comedy should be more highly prized.