Sunday, 11 July 2010

pulpo paul

I'll be a bit quiet this week, probably. I am nose to my toes revitalising a show called Farm! which the luckier of you might have seen versions of many aeons ago and which might be on this Christmas if we revitalise it well enough and people like it at a showcase next week.

Late last night, the Telegraph rushed out a report on Paul the mystic octopus. It said:
The odds of all of his forecasts coming good, including for the final, was put at 3,000 to 1, William Hill, the bookmakers, said. Therefore, with a £20 starting bet, and placing the total winnings of each individual bet on the next, his keepers would be £6,000 richer.
I don't think this is good maths. Am I missing something? If I am not, would the journalist like to join me for poker one night?

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