Thursday, 15 July 2010

Inspiring Photo Essay VIII: A Promise Kept

Yo Sushis. IPE VIII is actually a guest post at the excellent Me And My Big Mouth, who must be overjoyed he asked.

If you are new to the IPE genre, then start with the Play-School-Through-The-Round-Window visit to see TKSC printed, and follow up, if you have the stomach, with one of the great bucolic photoessays, featuring an ocean of my mother's food and also small cousins laughing scornfully at my inability to handspring (I had recently had a major back operation, but I don't like to talk about it). Then there is the multi-part odyssey (I do not use the word lightly) that was (and still is) the kitchen refit. (Link is to Pt. 1 - follow link at bottom called 'newer' or similar to get to the other... Well. You can find out for yourself how many other parts there are.)

If you still yearn for more, you can click on the label at the bottom of the post.


Miss Jones said...

The VERY DAY BEFORE this post, I was saying to a mutual friend of ours that I was so hysterical as a result of waiting for this particular IPE that I was about to commence work on an IPE of my own. I may still do it, as a tribute.

Claire said...

Your photo essay has inpired me to do 4 things.