Tuesday, 20 July 2010

drinking sachin tendulkar's blood

You can do this by spending £49,000 on a deluxe (I'll say) copy of his autobiography, taking the front page, which is tinted because the pulp to make it was mixed with his blood, pulping the page and drinking it.* Then you will probably be a better batsman, assuming witchcraft to work.

The other thing that is vexing me today is Sainsbury's use-your-own-bag policy. If you do, they dutifully give you an extra Nectar point. Since you get two Nectar points for spending a pound, and since a Nectar point is worth a billionth of an ant, who do they think they are incentivizing? I bet it's morons. They think they are incentivizing morons. Are they?

* As Kraken Media's Chief Executive Karl Fowler says, 'It's not everyone's cup of tea, it's not to everyone's taste and some may think it's a bit weird.'

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