Thursday, 29 July 2010

a different kind of writer

In these times of austerity, one government service I could conceivably do without is The Brent Magazine. Even though I would then miss gems like this, about an author visiting Willesden Library later this month*. All capitalisation and punctuation, and lack of publication, are dutifully transcribed from the original:
X is a different kind of writer. He is an exponent of a new genre in modern literature Thrillosophy or a combination of thriller writing with contemplations on the human condition. He will be speaking about Thrillosophy in the writing of his debut novel...

* I choose not to name the author, because, I don't know. It seems needless and not very classy. You might think I'm prissy. What I say to you, as per the answer to a Quiz Machine question about which of three phrases was not a real saying, is that Patience is a Virgin.

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