Tuesday, 1 June 2010

today's favourite horse

My favourite horse, today, is the grand old man (horse) of 1920s American racing, Exterminator (great name).

He was huge and ugly, and he was bought to help another horse practice. His trainer didn't think much of him and called him the Goat. Some other guy, who kept watching Exterminator jogging alongside the horse he was supposed to be helping, got the trainer to race him in the Kentucky Derby which he had provisional entry for because of a race the year before, since when he hadn't raced. He won. He carried on winning for years. His jockey said, 'When he was at his best, Exterminator could have beaten Man o' War or Citation or Kelso or any other horse that ever lived on any track doing anything.' That was his jockey, of course.

Seabiscuit fans (if you are not Seabiscuit fan: read Seabiscuit) will remember that nasty War Admiral owner Riddle kept pretending he'd let Seabiscuit race War Admiral and then pulling out. It was the same with Exterminator and Man O' War, except with the latter pair the race never happened, so there will never be a movie.

Like Seabiscuit, he was much happier if he had a pony friend to keep him calm. Seabiscuit's was called Pumpkin. This is the two of them together.

Exterminator ended his life in leafy fields with a succession of companion ponies, all called Peanuts. Keen followers of my (not just my) recent public performances will know why this story entertained me so much today, and who else I expect to be entertained by it. If you are not a keen follower of my (not just my) recent public performances, just imagine what you are missing.

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Jaywalker said...

If I had a pony friend to keep me calm I would also be able to achieve greatness. It all becomes clear now. Thank you Mr Hudson.