Wednesday, 16 June 2010

stupid terry eagleton

Quick round-up of things I wish I had more time for:

1. Terry Eagleton's opinion piece in today's Guardian is hopeless. Its dazzling thesis is that football is the opium of the people. (Telly too.) Eagleton's level of attack would be appropriate to a pretty bright A-level history essay:
If every rightwing thinktank came up with a scheme to distract the populace from political injustice and compensate them for lives of hard labour, the solution in each case would be the same: football
2. Good Irish myth about Fionn, who became the first wise man after eating the Salmon of Knowledge. Beats an apple. It's an old story but I'd forgotten about it until @clairefrilly reminded me.

3. On Light Reading, a creepy story about chickens.

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