Thursday, 24 June 2010

just quickly

1. Paperback out soon. Blogged about it at Vintage yesterday. Lovely Vintage.

2. One of funny stories emerging from Isner-Mahut is that Ronald McIntosh was sent to commentate on it as a way of cutting his teeth and ended up on the mike for a year and a half. People think Isner and Mahut have endurance, but McIntosh had to deal with Greg Rusedski's inanities hour after hour. (Sample, 'That's Mahut's 76th ace already'.)

There's a third thing. It doesn't escape me but I haven't time to do it justice. If you like Tall Tales, by the way, I hope you are saving July 29th.

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rachel bagelmouse said...

I am about to go through two other countries; I will keep an eye out for flags with the country's name on it. (Though, one of them is France, so I suspect this experiment will be fruitless there.)

Word verification: catabio. If that isn't a South American footballer, it should be.