Monday, 14 June 2010

I am surrounded by a conspiracy shrieking "Fish!" from every direction

That is what I thought to myself when Marie gave me a book the other day. The opening line of the book:
On the verandah of the Buckley's Crossing Hotel, reclining in dimpled leather armchairs, Judges Carrington and Thorpe observed in silence the giant trout shuffling across the bridge.
I am very grateful to have the book, The Trout Opera by Matthew Condon, and the first chapter bodes very well.* But I am not just fish guy.

In other news, I can't wait to go to this.

* It can be really annoying getting hold of books published in Australia. I have been gently trying to get hold of Frank Moorhouse's Dark Palace for ages, having loved Grand Days, to which it's a sequel.**

** I've just bought a second hand or imported copy.***

*** I assume Australians feel similar frustrations re The Kilburn Social Club.


Marie said...

Oh me too. Can we go together?

Caroline Hardman said...

Having more or less described your blog only recently as "American football meets fish", I feel I can hardly have helped in your fight against the fish guy image. Sorry.

Since the damage is already know about this, right?

Robert Hudson said...

CH: oh yes. Click the 'cuppy' label on today's post and very soon you will see me building my own squid. (You will not see me.)


Matthew said...

Then you might also like this: