Monday, 28 June 2010

department of too literal metaphors

I listen to The Archers, and there it is. It's often excruciating. On Monday, philandery Brian - about to enter the next stage of Ambridge's JR Ewing vs Cliff Barnes struggle with Matt Crawford - met up with an old colleague called Benedict who has a new, young wife, Amanda. We meet Amanda via the following dialogue:
Amanda - Mike's caught a super two-pounder! He said it had put up quite a fight.
Benedict - That's what you love most, isn't it, darling? The battle of wits while you're reeling them in.
Amanda - That's the best part. Everything afterwards is an anticlimax. I suppose you two have been chewing the fat over land prices ... Can we look at the riding course you mentioned, Brian?
I wonder if there was anyone at the meeting thinking, 'Hmm, obviously this is good. I'm not saying it's not good. But a bit too on the nail, perhaps? Just a bit?'

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