Tuesday, 29 June 2010

beauty queen news

You may have seen the BBC story about Miss Cornwall being stripped of her title because she's not Cornish. The BBC doesn't put up a picture of her. This is for muddle-headed reasons to do with prissiness and a misguided idea of what the BBC is - it is in no way consonant with the millions of other pictures of pretty girls all over the website on news stories to do with anything but pretty girls - here the subject is literally a pretty girl. Here is a terrible picture of Laura Anness, the ex-Miss Cornwall, taken by a not very competent professional photographer:

Where did I find this photo? Yes, the ever-informative Pageant News Bureau, your one-stop shop for this kind of thing. The page describes Miss Anness as Miss Plymouth, which is where she lives. Did she really think people wouldn't find out?*

* Is Miss Cornwall an easier title to win than Miss Devon? Or is it that, just for this year, Laura knew for sure she was a crucial bit less pretty than some Nemesis-milkmaid figure?

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