Thursday, 13 May 2010

this woman had her jaw broken when this 12lb asian carp hit her in the face

Which woman? This woman:


Her name is Jodi Barnes. Asian Carp were introduced into US riverways to eat algae, which they do like crazy. The big ones are four feet long and weigh 100lbs. They come in various varieties, one of which, the silver, doesn't have a stomach and needs to eat half its bodyweight per day. They are approaching the Great Lakes via the canal system, and there is serious fear about how much they might destroy the lakes' commercially (and biologically) important ecosystem.

But the funny thing about asian carp is that they are weird panicky fish which leap madly around when they hear a boat. Lots of people have been hit by them, and the US Oceanographic Survey describes this as like being hit with a bowling ball. My legal advisers tell me to say that this isn't funny if you are hit with one, but which one of me and my legal advisers gets paid for writing jokes.**/***

* I don't think Johnny's Hideaway is very effectively hidden.
** Not as easy a question to answer as I wish. You should see their bills.
*** Carp facts from the Jan/Feb edition of Classic Angling.

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