Saturday, 15 May 2010

pick your jaw back up

Lots of short things to blog about at the moment. No real reason. We all know about Barbara Cartland, right? My guess is: 'sort of'. Here are some headlines from her Wikipedia entry:

- She sold more than a billion books. A billion. A billion books. Of course, this is an American billion, but they're the only ones you see around any more. And the sales-per-book is seriously diminished by the number of titles she wrote. I mean, if I had sold a billion books, they would all be one title and Jonathan Cape would worship me as an incarnate God. Dame Barbara wrote 723 books, meaning each title only sold, on average, 1,383,126 copies.*

- Her brothers, Anthony and Ronald, died in action one day apart in 1940.

- Her play, Blood Money, was banned in 1926 by the Lord Chamberlain for being too racy.

- She is reputed to have said of her step-granddaughter: 'The only books [Diana] ever read were mine, and they weren't awfully good for her.'

* If the one book I had written had sold 1,382,126 copies, Jonathan Cape would worship me as an incarnate God.

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