Sunday, 9 May 2010

much ado about alfriston

Yesterday, I helped host the Alfriston book swap. Comparisons are odorous, and I love everything to with West End Lane Books, and no one can make me pick a favourite bookshop so I'm not going to. But it's one of those two. Much Ado is a fantastic, addictively treasures-filled place, and Cate and Nash co-ran an incredibly warm and friendly swap. As usual, there was more cake than people could eat.

If you happen to be hanging around the Downs, pop in. I'm going back soon, whatever spurious reason I have to manufacture. I was ensorcelled, basically.*

Once corner of the second hand section had, next to each other, Bloody Versicles, Swamp of Death and The Durable Desperadoes. Then I opened a translation of the Kalevala and the first line I read was 'Like the miserable codfish.'

I have a website, by the way. It seemed like time. If you're thinking that it feels a bit elegant and not-broken to have been put together by me, then you're not the fool you look. It was put together by one of the beautiful actresses I know.

*'Ensorcelled' is a word that I bet gets used massively more often than it was before Josh said it on West Wing.

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rachel bagelmouse said...

While I have a fondness for West End Lane Books (and god knows, I spent more time chatting away in there for the Londonist series on bookshops than anywhere else), since Crockatt and Powell closed my favourite bookshop is John Sandoe in Chelsea, even though I always call it John Soane's. Counterintuitively I don't go in there much, mainly because I would very quickly go bankrupt. It's wonderful.