Tuesday, 4 May 2010

kult teams play in brown

Just been reading about St Pauli on Phil Minshull's BBC blog. This is their kit:

Among the other things-for-KSC-readers that jumped out at me, apart from the kult atmosphere at games, and the fact that the club banned any kind of right wing, nationalist display in the stadium when far rightism (or far right iconography at the very least) was part of the hooliganism that was rising widely across Europe, were:
Sponsors have increased the club budget to around €40m (£34.6m) so regular and frantically solicited injections of emergency cash from friends in the theatre world of club president Corny Littmann who, coincidently, is openly gay, are no longer necessary

Do I hear the words 'Sold Out' being uttered by some radical elements?
The problem is: football is really expensive, and St Pauli need to move to a bigger stadium to house their fans. The fans cry 'Sold Out', and some of them would be happy to be relegated because they are not trying to play the same financial game as their opponents, but some would not.

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