Wednesday, 26 May 2010

as a result of his experiments dracula gains control of a time machine

I've been reading an annotated bibliography of recursive science fiction. Here are literally the first four entries:
Abelman, Paul, The Twilight of the Vilp
Clive Witt is a novelist. He has advertised for a protagonist for his new book, The Mixture and the Bag. From the 73 responses he selects three but they refuse to form a harmonious whole. He scraps this project and writes a science fiction novel The Silver Spores in which humanity meets the Vilp Galactic Council and may have wiped out the Vilp—unless they revert to sexual procreation. It's almost impossible to summarize this book.

Adams, James R., "Con-Fen"
Koosh and Thuko, two Martians, visit Earth in a spaceship stolen many years ago from a murdered Jovian visitor. They land in Chicago and wander about, eating and breathing without let. Humans seem to be unaware of their existence. Unfortunately, they wander into the Hotel Morrison just as the banquet for the 10th World Science Fiction Convention (Chicon II) is occurring. All the fans see them and rush to greet them. The Martians flee in terror and are struck by a truck in the street.

Ahern, Jerry & Sharon, The Golden Shield of IBF
Princess Swan of Creath uses a magic spell to escape from her mother's attempt to kill her. She winds up at Dragoncon in Atlanta where she meets F.B.I. Special Agent Alan Garrison. Garrison is a wannabe fantasy writer. He accompanies her to Creath were he basically lives out a fantasy novel. Returning to Earth he writes his adventures as The Virgin Enchantress. It ends happily as she leaves Creath for Earth to live with him.

Aldiss, Brian W., Dracula Unbound
Joe Bodenland is developing a method of toxic waste disposal in Dallas, Texas of 1999. As a result of his experiments Dracula gains control of a time machine and Bodenland winds up in the past with Bram Stoker (author of Dracula) and his friend Van Helsing. Perhaps the vampirism is a result of syphilitic delusions; perhaps reality.

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