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annotated pravda: Russian High-Ranking Official Claims He Was Abducted by Aliens

Been a while since I annotated any Pravda. I've been missing it.
Russian High-Ranking Official Claims He Was Abducted by Aliens

The West was shocked by the statement from a high-ranking Russian politician, which he released on Russian Channel One, the country’s main TV channel.
I'm the West, and I hadn't heard about this, still less been shocked by it. I've checked with a couple of my friends who read the papers every day, and they hadn't either. Why? Have we all been abducted by aliens when that bit of the paper arrived?*
On April 26, 2010, Channel One host Vladimir Pozner asked Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, the President of the Kalmykia Republic, the following question:
I love Vladimir Pozner! He is the Kalmyk Paxman!
“I’ve never met a person who would claim he was on an interplanetary alien aircraft.
Vladimir Pozner doesn't get out much.
Has it really happened?“

“Seriously, it has happened,” the Kalmykia leader answered and told his outstanding story about his only encounter with extraterrestrials in his Moscow apartment.
1. It is an outstanding story.
2. This begs the question, which I imagine Pozner will address, terrier that he is: was it his only encounter with extraterrestrials full stop, or just his only encounter with them in his Moscow apartment?
“Was it the only encounter?” Pozner clarified.
Not quite clear enough for me.
“Yes, the only one,” Ilyumzhinov confirmed.
Still the apartment issue is not resolved to my satisfaction. Politicians are excellent at evading the difficult questions. Do you, incidentally, know much about Kirsan Ilyumzhinov? He's a millionaire businessman who mainly makes the papers when he's trying to build his city devoted to chess. He looks very like this:

The aliens turned up in his Moscow apartment on Sept 18, 1997.
The very day that Wales voted 'Yes' (50.3%) in their autonomy referendum, which proves that everything is connected.
He said as he was falling asleep he heard someone calling from the balcony. When he got up to check,
he realised he didn't have a balcony? No. I'm getting ahead of myself.
he saw a "semi-transparent half-tube".
Many of this have had this experience on waking up.
He said he entered the tube
No. A different thing, I see.
and came across human-like aliens attired in yellow space suits.
Or was it alien-like humans?!*
The Kalmyk leader took a flight with them on their alien spaceship. It took some days before Pozner’s show with sensational story by Kirsan Ilyumzhinov shocked the civilized society.
I think that 'the civilised society' in this context must be what Pravda meant by 'the West' early, which is endearingly self-effacing.
It happened when LDPR member Andrei Levedev drew attention to it by writing to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev expressing his concern that the Kalmyk leader, as a carrier of confidential information, could divulge state secrets to the aliens.
And this makes people worry about Ilyumzhinov?
After that, the western media exploded.
As you no doubt remember from the explosion of the Western media a couple of weeks ago.
Hundreds of world newspapers assessed the sensation and acknowledged the uniqueness of the situation. Yet, no one understood why he chose to talk about it.
Yes. Why he chose to talk about it. That was the extraordinary thing about his meeting with space aliens.
There will be people in Russia who would think it was a bizarre behavior for a leader of a subject of federation.
Some people. Not many.
“Pozner asked me, and I answered,” Ilyumzhinov explained.
Many are called but few are chosen.
Those mingling in ufological circles
The best kind of circles. They are not even round. They are future shape that humans don't even have a word for yet.
know that it was not the first time the Kalmyk leader told his story about his encounter with the aliens. They are no longer exuberant because there were no new details reported.
They used to be so exuberant. Those were the days.
Pozner also knew the story since he asked about it.

Not everyone knows that Ilyumzhinov first openly told the story on July 22, 2002 at radio Svoboda, while no one was making him speak.
No one made him. That's the important thing.
Speaking about the future of chess, he mentioned Ostap Bender’s dream to conduct an intergalactic chess match.
Ostap Bender, as Russian pop culture fans will know, is a fictional con man and antihero who describes himself as 'the great combinator'. Here is a picture of him, as played by Andrei Mironov in 1976.

Certainly, if I ran Kalmykia, I would base my ambitions on the dreams of fictional con men.
He then said he had no time to go to space and added he’d been there once before.
Space is so time-consuming.
He explained that he travelled with aliens who once took him to space.

“Who took you?” the host clarified.
It is worth being clear.
“Aliens on a spaceship. They came, took me, and I spent 24 hours with them in the space,“ Ilyumzhinov explained.
24 hours! That's ages! Who would ever go to space if it took 24 hours?! Especially if they had to run Kalmykia and chess!
At the moment of the confession he was an acting President of Kalmykia with the next election in a year. He has been the President of FIDE for six years and is not eager to get anywhere else.
Why would he? Where is left for him to go after Kalmykia. It's the tops, it's the Eiffel Tower.
This means that the surprising and strange confession is not PR, it’s an obsession. Answering the question about the appearance of the aliens Ilyumzhinov, sensing doubts from the host
You don't get to be President of Kalmykia and chess without finely attuned antennae. Also, antennae are something the aliens look for, because aliens have them.
, said that they looked like humans.
Humans with antennae
“Were they big, about 6 feet tall? The way they are often described?”
Call 6 feet big? These aliens wouldn't cut much ice in a nation with better nutrition, like Holland. I read somewhere a long time again that Montenegrins are very tall also.
“Not really. Don't treat me like a schizophrenic.
Absolutely not. That's a different form of mental illness.
I’m just saying that I saw them. Just the way I am talking to you, I saw them just like that.”
At which point, the interviewer told me when we were having an ice cream in Queen's Park yesterday, he started doubting his own existence.
Even then, nine years prior to Levedev’s letter to the Russian President, radio Svoboda tried to elicit the details of the contact.
The Russian press is tigrish, as is obvious. Tigerish? Whatever
“Did they give you any directions? Did they program you for the future?” they asked, as if trying to find out if he was converted.
Programmed? How do you do that? And what would he have been converted to? To their way of thinking? To their religion? To the whole ridiculous harem pants thing?
“No,” Ilyumzhinov answered. "Nothing … I did not understand anything. Several days after I was thinking “Why did they take me?” And berated myself for not asking questions. But maybe it is not time yet for the extraterrestrial civilizations to meet. I don’t think we need to. We are morally not at the stage yet when we can meet other civilizations, aliens."
Finally, some good, sound common sense.

* No

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