Monday, 26 April 2010

a picture of my arse

I mean my seat. Stupid thesaurus.

I live in Kilburn. I vote in Hampstead and Kilburn, which anyone round here who reads the Lib Dem election literature will tell you is a seat that only the Lib Dems or Labour can win, unless they also read the Conservative election literature and know it's a seat that only the Conservatives or Labour can win. What it actually is is an exciting three-way marginal.

We get a million bits of post a day from Chris Philp (Conservative, pronounces Kilburn with a very long second syllable) and Ed Fordham (Lib Dem, have never heard how he pronounces Kilburn). Glenda Jackson gives us nothing because she's a screen actress and has learnt to underplay, underplay, underplay. On a forum I've just been looking at, Complacent and Presumptive has written:
Fordham will walk this no problem. Philp is virtually invisible and the smear about Jackson being lazy has stuck
C&P hasn't noticed Philp's massive face on thousands of local billboards.

Our BNP candidate is called Victoria Moore. This is funny because one of my oldest friends is called Victoria Moore. These two people are unrelated.

Our Green candidate is Beatrix Campbell. We also have a Commons candidate called Tamsin Ormond. There was clearly some bad feeling somewhere, maybe at Green HQ, because another forum post reads:
I happen to know that [Tamsin] was actually asked to run by local people who despite long-term membership in the Green Party just didn’t feel that they could vote for Beatrix Campbell, who seems fairly deranged in my opinion (satanic ritual abuse much anyone?)
Anyone? And afterwards maybe we could pop to Spicy Basil?


JeremiahRenne332 said...
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Robert Hudson said...

NB. This was a string of Chinese characters. If you are Chinese and want to comment on my blog, and I don't doubt that this covers a lot of people, please do so in English or send me a Learn Chinese video, or else I will assume you are spam.

Amanda Prefect said...

In my constituency of Feltham and Heston, we have the dubious honour of representation by Alan Keen (one half of "Mr. and Mrs. Expenses") - I'm rather interested in how he's going to fare next week - and whether the squatters will return.