Wednesday, 28 April 2010

paperback cover

I imagine you haven't slept for months wondering what it will be like. It will be like this:

I love it, but there is a chance I might be biased. In other business:
- there will be another night of Tall Tales on May 27th. I will put up links but if you want to be kept informed about the details, email talltalesnight at gmail. There is a 73% chance I will have had time to write my long-awaited Kilburn story about two naval ratings who adopt a talking duck and, as all mathematicians know, 73% is better than nothing
- I'm being a guest on The Music Group in a few weeks, as far as you are concerned, and as far as I am concerned, tomorrow. I'm looking forward to this a lot and will repeat the information closer to broadcast so long as I don't screw up the recording

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ktuk said...

V good cover. I liked the big paperback cover, but I like this one better. Also - excellent cover quotation.