Friday, 16 April 2010

change this, bbc. change it. i'm going crazy with rage about it

I wrote a while ago that the BBC Radio homepage 'rotates' recent blog posts so that I'd been reading for ages links to something saying that 'Weddings seem to be all the rage at the moment'. As it transpires, this bit of the screen, which I paid not much attention, is paid attention to by no one. Since writing, I have really been noticing, and where I thought that this must be the result of an inept rotation system, what the 'Recent blog posts' link links to are a selection of blog posts from February.

There are more recent BBC blogs, but this link has gone to meet its maker in some way, and I for one have had enough of it to such an extent that I am telling you, rather than the BBC, for no good reason, unless you are a website person at the BBC. Here, in full:
Recent blog posts:

Weddings seem to be all the rage at the moment...
Greg James' blog - Radio 1
10:22 03 Feb 2010

Playlist 01.02.10
Stuart Bailie - Radio Ulster
18:13 02 Feb 2010

PM - Radio 4
10:22 03 Feb 2010

Is the UK ignoring Dementia?
5 live Breakfast - 5 live
08:03 03 Feb 2010

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