Friday, 12 March 2010

tall tales, march 25th

People are always asking me how come I never organise shows in Kilburn featuring Benet Brandreth hectoring the audience at a length no one will be able to control, not even Benet; John Finnemore and Susannah Pearse doing a great new mini-musical; some inspiring moments from the collected works of Emma Belgian Waffling Beddington (that is her real name) and Hannah Why Miss Jones; and what amounts to an public information discussion about sexy mermaids?

Well, all I can say to those people is: your time has come. Tall Tales will be at The Good Ship on the Kilburn High Road on March 25th. Doors open at eight, show starts at nine and lasts between 65 and 80 minutes, depending entirely on Benet. If you want to come, it might be sensible to book (some of these people, I'm not saying which ones, are incredibly popular). To do this, email talltalesnight at gmail.

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