Sunday, 17 May 2009


or A Malayan Romance, by Hubert S Banner BA, FRGS, author of The Clean Wind and The Mountain of Terror.

This novel is concerned chiefly with the reactions produced upon a small English community in the Far East by the sudden arrival in its midst of a woman of mystery--Mavis Estcott, a restless wanderer over the face of the earth, wanton saint and angelic sinner, even to herself a riddle beyond solution.

The story gives us a glowing and faithful picture of native life such as only Mr Banner's long personal experience enables him to present. The scene of his story is the lovely Dutch East Indian island of Bali.

Given the first paragraph, the second paragraph seems, to me, unlikely. The wanton saint, angelic sinner, riddle to herself bit is fantastic. I think that all these books I keep writing about exist because there was no telly. Thus people idled away the time writing books and reading them. I have no proof.

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