Monday, 18 May 2009

the all-time greatest book review

On the page for Tibor Fischer's The Thought Gang (which is a book I really, really loved), is the perfect reader review: 'Of the many books I have read so far, I have come to the conclusion that "The Thought Gang" is the best.'

I thought of this when I read the latest super-enticing 1932 book description:

The first critic to read this book, wrote: 'To tell the story of this novel is impossible, but it is the most amazing manuscript I have read.'

Against a background of the destruction of England sixteen years hence, Kaye Anthony tells with alternative drama and original humour the story of William Bundle, a humble grocer, who is destined to rule an England restored to Eden. Added to this is the love affair of Erica Yorke, the young and beautiful wife of a famous American diplomat, who is discovered by her husband bathing in a Surrey sheep-pool with this same man. No reader could guess the outcome of such a delicate situation.

Hold on! I can guess! I guess that the humble grocer is destined to rule England because he and Erica Yorke have bathed in a sheep-pool, which means they catch ovine flu before it mutates into anything too dangerous, and they are therefore the only two people immune to its later more deadly ravages. England is emptied, and only the grocer and his Eve remain to repopulate the shattered land. They go at it hammer and tongs, chapter after blistering chapter. Eventually, Erica gives birth to a sheep.

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