Friday, 10 April 2009

yesterday on pravda? yesterday in pravda?

I don't want you to think I don't think about these things. 'On' seems a little weird because I think of Pravda as a newspaper* but of course it must be right, since I am looking at it online, and I am sure what I say was on the site wasn't always in the paper.

* Because I am a child of the cold war, you see, so Pravda had a big place in the news every night. In fact, to this day, whenever I hear 'The [di-blah-di-blah-di] AGENCY', my brain immediately short-circuits to, 'comma, TASS,' because that set of words was once so prevalent in my consciousness.**

** I have the same issue with 'The [di-blah-di-blah-di] SERVICE' [comma, ACAS].


John Finnemore said...

Wikipedia reckons:

'There is an unrelated Internet-based newspaper, Pravda Online ( run by former Pravda newspaper employees'

Which if true, means definitely on, and never in. Sorry to hear about the guy who's going to make the world the worst place ever. Can't someone stop him? Or at least have a chat with him about it?

Marie said...

Maybe 'yesterday on' which is both clear and grammatically more comfortable?