Monday, 27 April 2009

why is everyone so annoying?

Stupid newspaper report with posh chefs 'testing' different foods. In one 'test', the posh chef 'tests' four olive oils. The Tesco one gets **** and all kinds of praise. The Saino's one gets no stars and is 'very pale. The colour can depend on the olive but in this case it's just bad oil. It doesn't smell, it leaves a bitter aftertaste but there's no real flavour.'

So, you are thinking, Tesco is a better place to buy your oil. Except for that in this rigorous 'test' the newspaper was comparing Tesco Finest Sicilian Extra Virgin with Sainsbury's bog-standard. I was more irritated by this than I should have been because it is a SYMBOL OF HOW CRAZY EVERYONE EXCEPT US IS (and I'm not sure about you).

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