Monday, 6 April 2009

up to date

1. Jonathan Ross waxwork, as per BBC website, looks like Peter Mandelson.

2. On Sunday, South Africa played a one day international against Australia. Merv Hughes was part of the commentary team. Faced with the name of Roile van der Merwe, big Merv said (according to a transcript provided by my mate Ben): 'I saw his name, thought it said VD Merv, and thought the doctor was giving me some bad news.'

3. There's a bit in Neal Stephenson's Cryptonomicon (and NS does his research to a degree I am prepared to trust for here and now) about energy budgets of primitive peoples. The amount of time taken to get enough food to fuel the body governs how much leisure time you have to invent pottery and post-structuralism. Apparently, trout is incredibly nutritious by most measures, but it is so low in fat and carbohydrates that you can starve to death eating it three times a day.

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