Thursday, 23 April 2009

neal stephenson

If you're a loser, you'll probably never read any Neal Stephenson and there's nothing I can do for you and nothing I want to do. Early in Cryptonomicon there's a bit where one of the many thousands of protagonists (weedy, codebreaky) is trying to get to Bletchley Park with his massive personified duffel bag, which has been packed for all eventualities by hardcore military men who do not trust him to know which way is up. It ends:
Duffel shoves him through the one-room station like a fat cop chivvying a hammerlocked drunk across the lobby of a two-star hotel.

There are an amazing three pages later on which describe this same character's useless courtship of a pretty Australian girl. They feature four graphs, many equations and some really good jokes.

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