Monday, 13 April 2009

gervee barontE

It turns out that Gervee Baronte was not Gervee Baronti after all, even though I thought she was. It seems increasingly that me thinking something doesn't make it so. When I said she was Gervee Baronti, I was copying the name off a printed page. Printed pages are not perfect, as we all know.

Whatever. Gervee also wrote Your Previous Life on Earth: Reincarnation Simplified, and in 1946 she published The Bracelet and Other Stories, in which nine short stories were reprinted from British popular fiction magazines: 'Dark, sensationalistic material, often with exotic settings. The title story concerns prostitution and leprosy. Another concerns the discovery of treasure buried by Hannibal.'

The Land of the Lingam is still apparently banned in India. She wrote this under the name Arthur Miles, as per yesterday.

Did you know that Arthur Miles was the name of a 1920s Texan cowboy singer who did throat singing not unlike that of the Mongolians? You probably did.

My favourite band of Mongolian-style throat singers is Big Sky. This is one of their songs.

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