Sunday, 26 April 2009

because i am incurably romantic

I like the fact that the Jets traded up for Mark Sanchez - everyone's looking for the dream quarterback - but I would have loved if they had filled another hole and then picked up Pat White early in round two. Pat White's a better fit at the Dolphins, and I think Miami is going to be a fun place to watch football the next few years. White is my favourite draft QB for all the cheap and obvious reasons. He's little (in NFL terms - he's massive in real life) but clever; he plays in a slightly unusual way dictated by this; wherever he's gone people have said he was punching above his weight but he's put together lots of wins; most of all, perhaps, he knows what he wants and he works hard and gets there in his own way - he's turned down three six-figure baseball contracts, he's calmly made it clear that he thinks he's a QB when others said he should move to wide receiver (he might get the chance to do both with the wildcat Dolphins, of course); and now he's in Miami. If I were (starting Miami QB) Chad Pennington, I'd be looking over my shoulder.

Anyway, good picks for both teams, basically. I support the Jets, but there are other teams I'd rather watch. Go Saints. Go Dolphins.

(I know what you're thinking, by the way - typical non-bred-in-bone fan is all about the quarterbacks. I'm not saying there's nothing in your analysis, though I'm getting better. It's just I love Pat White, and I support the Jets, so it was a very quarterbacky day for me. The team that did really well: Cleveland. Not flashy but really good picks. SF couldn't believe their luck getting Crabtree at 10. And because I am mad for Michael Lewis, and was watching for where Michael Oher would end up, I have to say that he'll be good for the Ravens, but more importantly, I think the Ravens will be really, really good for Michael Oher.)

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