Friday, 27 March 2009

'met sorry for rapist blunders' ...

... was the headline in yesterday's thelondonpaper. My immediate-but-never-seriously-considered misreading had me responding mentally that it is not up to the Met to apologise for blunders made by a rapist. Then I read this jaw-opening post about how common sexual assault is (my response to it was mostly as predicted, though I have had a couple of similar conversations in my life) and wondered whether I should still make my joke about the headline. I decided that I should, as you have already worked out.

In other headline news from yesterday, this was on the BBC sport page. It makes total sense in context, but if I were choosing headlines to inspire a creative writing class to write short stories, it would be one: 'Insect bite sidelines Rhino Smith.'

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Marie said...

It is always appropriate to joke about badly-worded headlines.

Re the blog, I was sort of hoping for a series of comments along the lines of 'this is just you'. Sadly not.