Monday, 30 March 2009

encore de block

'You are so romantic.'
'You are so beautiful.'
'Oh, Bear-naard...'
And there, if you don't mind, I'm going to be old fashioned enough to draw a curtain. We embraced and disrobed and went to bed, but you'll have to imagine the details for yourself. We didn't do anything you couldn't see on television, anyway, if you've got cable and stay up late enough.

'Bear-naard? Sometimes I smoke after I make love.'
'I can believe it,' I said. 'Oh. You mean a cigarette.'

(From The Burglar Who Thought He was Bogart.)

(Crikey - that's the edition I have, and it seems that used copies are starting to pick up in value. Mine is a really used copy, though, and I'm pretty sure condition is everything to collectors. But that guy trying to sell it for £148 is going to do well to beat his competitors.)

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